Forena Solutions exists to help non-profit organizations leverage open source software for the good of the world. Whether your in education, religion or public services you can always use Forena Solutions to get connected with your data.

Forena Use Survey

Please indicate which types of data you present using Forena.
Please indicate how you create reports in Forena
Describe how you most commonly create .sql files that make up forena reports.
Indicate any of the features that you use in forena.
Describe the types of sites that most commonly presented data by forena. Check all that apply.
What features best desribe the reason that you were drawn to Forena as a product to begin with?

Measuring Success

How do you measure success?  In our society today we appear to be completely obsessed with growth an money.  Most businesses are considered successful if  they earning a profit and unsuccessful if they are not.  The IT marketplace is ripe with companies who are out there to try and maximize their profits.  Most people in America aspire to wealth, and this is how they measure their own personal success as well.  People make $100,000 per year are thought to be more successful than people who make $80,000 per year.  There are other ways, however to measure success. 

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